Lady, primary inspiration

Lady, primary inspiration

about us

Kristy is a graduate from Jean Donaldson’s The Academy for Dog Trainers, known as the Harvard of dog training, where she has obtained a certificate in training and counseling. Kristy applies the training methods that she learned and practiced while in the rigorous 2-year program with her clients. These methods are science-based and proven time and time again by evidence to be effective. Kristy does not use painful corrections to train your dog. She does not use fear and intimidation either. Instead of using these barbaric methods, Kristy trains your dog by using motivation. Motivation is often times treats but it can also be fetch, play with another dog, walking through a doorway, anything that your dog wants at the moment. We pay your dog for working. When they do the work we want, they are actually learning and in turn they are getting paid to learn!

The methods that Kristy uses will not harm the relationship that you have with your dog. We want your dog to trust you and we don’t want anything to change that. Dogs need to learn how to live in a human world. We can teach them what you want from them in ways that won’t cause physical or emotional harm.

Kristy can work with you and your dog on basic manners, obedience training, behavior modification, fear, and puppy socialization.

about kRISTY

As long as I can remember I have been an animal lover, my favorite being dogs. After my childhood dog passed away when I was thirteen, my family was without a dog for about nine months. During that time, I was always asking my parents if we could get another dog and they were just not ready for one. Those nine months were lonely for me, I really missed having a dog. When they finally agreed that I could adopt a dog again I was over the moon with joy. We went to the Humane Society and adopted Lady, a one and a half year old German Shepherd / Husky mix. She was my dog, well actually I took her over from the family, she even moved out with me. Shortly after we adopted Lady, I wanted to train her. I knew nothing about dog training because my family never spent the money on it. I decided to train her on my own, I used treats to get her to sit and go into a downs. I really enjoyed that time that we spent together.

In adulthood my love for dogs didn’t change. I ended up running across a German Shepherd in need of a home, she had six newborn puppies as well. My husband and I decided to take them all in. We ended up keeping the mom because she was very fearful and already bonded with me. We also kept two puppies because we just couldn’t decide which one to keep. When the puppies were three months old, I ended up hiring a trainer to come to my house because one puppy was showing aggression towards us. That trainer changed my life. She encouraged me to apply for The Academy for Dog Trainers. Thankfully I was accepted and was able to graduate. I no longer daydream about working with dogs.

I currently have three dogs that live with me. My fourth dog lives with my parents. I teach an early puppy socialization class at my dogs’ vet clinic and I foster young puppies as well.  

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